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Modern Standard Arabic - Novice

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*Basic Language: Colors 0/0+
Colors and objects, e.g. fruits, vegetables, animals

*Basic Language: Directions 0/0+
Names and locations of various Arab countries and capital cities

*Basic Language: Greetings 0/0+
Some expressions used for greeting and bidding farewell in Modern Standard Arabic

*Basic Language: Numbers: Which Gate Do I Want? 0/0+
Arabic numbers from one to ten followed by a list of departure gates at Cairo airport and the number of each gate

*Basic Language: Where is Huda? 0/0+
A short story about a girl playing in a garden

Arabic Words Used in English 0/0+
A list of English words taken from Arabic

Calendars in the Arab World 0/0+
Two calendars used in different Arab countries

Clothing for Men 0/0+
Language and vocabulary about men's clothing in the Middle East

Clothing for Women 0/0+
Reading for details, and the language, vocabulary and traditions of women's clothing in the Middle East

Culture: Courtship Terms 0/0+
Vocabulary related to dating, engagement and marriage

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