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Modern Standard Arabic - Novice

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Culture: Soccer Mania 0/0+
A table with international soccer match results

Daily Life: Home Furnishings 0/0+
A list of common home furnishing items on sale

Family Members 0/0+
Vocabulary for family members

Food and Eating: A Lebanese Restaurant Menu 0/0+
Menu adapted from an online Arabic menu for a Lebanese restaurant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Geography: Bodies of Water in Arabic-speaking Countries 0/0+
Bodies of waters and names of Arab countries

Geography: Countries and Their Capitals 0/0+
Twenty-eight countries, their capitals, and a map

Geography: Some Arab Countries 0/0+
Names of selected Arab countries written in Arabic

Greetings from London 0/0+
A letter to a friend

Greetings in Some Arabic Dialects 0/0+
Examples of dialectal differences in colloquial speech across the Arabic-speaking world

Nabil's Calendar 0/0+
An excerpt from a university student's daily planner

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