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Modern Standard Arabic - Novice

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Names of Contemporary Rulers 0/0+
How Arabic names are formed in some countries, especially Gulf countries, with a list of rulers and ministers in the Arab world.

Names—Common First Names 0/0+
Common male and female Arabic first names, including those that have English equivalents.

Numbers and Objects: What I Have in My Room 0/0+
A young person's describing his or her room.

Parts of the Body 0/0+
Parts of the body

Shopping List 0/0+
Three grocery shopping lists

Signs in the Arab World: General Signs 0/0+
Street signs and signboards a traveler might encounter in the Middle East.

Signs in the Arab World: Warning Signs 0/0+
Public signs in Arabic

Travel: A Train Schedule 0/0+
A train schedule

Travel: Ali's Packing List 0/0+
A list of high frequency words for personal items in the context of traveling

Weather Forecast 0/0+
A weather forecast

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