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Modern Standard Arabic - Intermediate

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A Short Message in the City 1/1+
A short message between two female friends includes the names of places, directions, and some informal expressions

Arabian Horses 1/1+
A famous breed of horses from the Middle East

Arabic Proverbs 1/1+
Proverbs in the Arab world and their use in Arab culture.

At The Clinic 1/1+
A conversation between a doctor and his patient

Classified Ads: For Rent 1/1+
Examples of classified FOR RENT ads

Classified Ads: For Sale 1/1+
Examples of classified FOR SALE ads

Classified Ads: Jobs 1/1+
Examples of classified EMPLOYMENT ads

Comic Books in the Middle East 1/1+
An article about a new, post revolution comic magazine in Egypt

Conversation Between Two Friends 1/1+
Friends run into each other downtown, discuss travel plans, and decide to go eat at a restaurant.

Courtship: Engagement 1/1+
A reply letter from a friend about courtship, engagement and marriage in the Saudi culture

Courtship: Matchmakers in the Arab World 1/1+
The roles of matchmakers in Arab countries

Cultural Events 1/1+
A calendar of cultural events

Culture: An Interview with a Pilgrim (to Mecca) 1/1+
An interview with a young Muslim woman about her experience at Hajj (pilgrimage) ritual adapted from the Hayatech website

Culture: Dabke 1/1+
A traditional cultural dance found in various forms throughout much of the Middle East

Culture: Rap Music in the Arab World 1/1+
Rap music in the Arab world and its development in Arab society

Culture: The Prince of Poets Contest 1/1+
A popular TV poetry contest in the Arab world

Culture: The Super Star Talent Show 1/1+
A famous Arab talent show similar to 'American Idol'

Culture: Visiting a Mosque 1/1+
Etiquette when visiting a mosque and basic information about praying in Islam.

Daily Life: Identity Card 1/1+
National identification cards from two Arabic-speaking countries: Lebanon and Egypt

Daily Life: Omar at the Post Office 1/1+
Dialogue in a post office between a customer and a postal employee

Daily Life: Rooms in a Home 1/1+
Descriptions of living quarters and parts of the house

Daily Life: Telling Time 1/1+
Telling time in Arabic

Daily Routines on a Friday 1/1+
A high school student from the United Arab Emirates talks about what he does on Fridays.

Extended Family Members 1/1+
Vocabulary terms for extended family members

Facebook 1/1+
General information about Facebook social media

Food and Eating: Dinner at Beirut Nights Restaurant 1/1+
A conversation at a Lebanese restaurant between a customer and a waiter

Food and Eating: Recipe for Grilled Salad 1/1+
A typical North African recipe

Letter Planning a Visit to Cairo 1/1+
A letter to a friend describing her three-day visit to Cairo.

Letter to a Friend 1/1+
A letter to a friend from an Arab student living and studying in Syria

Literature: A Story of Joha 1/1+
An Arab folk tale

Literature: One Thousand and One Nights 1/1+
The literary work known as One Thousand and One Nights

Literature: Review of an Arabic Movie 1/1+
A newspaper review of a Lebanese movie that was shown at the Cannes Film Festival: "Now Where Do We Go?"

Natural Beauty in Arab Countries 1/1+
Geography of the Arab World

Parts of the Body II 1/1+
Parts of the body

Pen Friends 1/1+
Online pen friend listings

People: Amr Diab - A Pop Star 1/1+
A brief biography of Amr Diab, a famous Egyptian pop star.

People: Arab Americans 1/1+
A list of famous Americans of Arab origin

People: Fairuz, the Angelic Voice 1/1+
An excerpt from an article on Fairuz, a contemporary Lebanese singer

People: Naguib Mahfouz 1/1+
The life and works of an Arab Nobel Prize laureate

People: On Top of the World 1/1+
The first Arab woman to reach the North Pole

People: Saladin 1/1+
The life and accomplishments of the historical leader known as 'Saladin'

People: Taha Hussein: An Egyptian Writer 1/1+
A famous writer and the genre of biographies

People: The Only Arab Player at Roland Garros 1/1+
Ons Jaber, a successful young professional tennis player

Signs in the Arab World: Traffic Signs 1/1+
Common traffic signs a driver or pedestrian might encounter while in the Middle East.

Tattoos in Lebanon 1/1+
The trend of henna tattoos in Lebanon

Travel: Airport Control 1/1+
A conversation between an American student and a customs officer upon the student's arrival at an airport in Syria several months ago

Travel: Marrakesh 1/1+
A description of the historical city of Marrakesh in Morocco

Travel: Passing Customs 1/1+
A conversation between an American student and a customs inspector at an airport in Syria about the student's luggage

Travel: Reserving a Room at “Marrakech Alhamra" Hotel 1/1+
A traveler calling to make a reservation with the hotel receptionist

Travel: Taxi 1/1+
A dialogue between a taxi driver and passenger

Twitter 1/1+
Twitter in the Arab World

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