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Modern Standard Arabic - Intermediate

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A Short Message in the City 1/1+
A short message between two female friends includes the names of places, directions, and some informal expressions

Arabian Horses 1/1+
A famous breed of horses from the Middle East

Arabic Proverbs 1/1+
Proverbs in the Arab world and their use in Arab culture.

At The Clinic 1/1+
A conversation between a doctor and his patient

Classified Ads: For Rent 1/1+
Examples of classified FOR RENT ads

Classified Ads: For Sale 1/1+
Examples of classified FOR SALE ads

Classified Ads: Jobs 1/1+
Examples of classified EMPLOYMENT ads

Comic Books in the Middle East 1/1+
An article about a new, post revolution comic magazine in Egypt

Conversation Between Two Friends 1/1+
Friends run into each other downtown, discuss travel plans, and decide to go eat at a restaurant.

Courtship: Engagement 1/1+
A reply letter from a friend about courtship, engagement and marriage in the Saudi culture

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