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Modern Standard Arabic - Intermediate

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Courtship: Matchmakers in the Arab World 1/1+
The roles of matchmakers in Arab countries

Cultural Events 1/1+
A calendar of cultural events

Culture: An Interview with a Pilgrim (to Mecca) 1/1+
An interview with a young Muslim woman about her experience at Hajj (pilgrimage) ritual adapted from the Hayatech website

Culture: Dabke 1/1+
A traditional cultural dance found in various forms throughout much of the Middle East

Culture: Rap Music in the Arab World 1/1+
Rap music in the Arab world and its development in Arab society

Culture: The Prince of Poets Contest 1/1+
A popular TV poetry contest in the Arab world

Culture: The Super Star Talent Show 1/1+
A famous Arab talent show similar to 'American Idol'

Culture: Visiting a Mosque 1/1+
Etiquette when visiting a mosque and basic information about praying in Islam.

Daily Life: Identity Card 1/1+
National identification cards from two Arabic-speaking countries: Lebanon and Egypt

Daily Life: Omar at the Post Office 1/1+
Dialogue in a post office between a customer and a postal employee

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