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Modern Standard Arabic - Intermediate

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Daily Life: Rooms in a Home 1/1+
Descriptions of living quarters and parts of the house

Daily Life: Telling Time 1/1+
Telling time in Arabic

Daily Routines on a Friday 1/1+
A high school student from the United Arab Emirates talks about what he does on Fridays.

Extended Family Members 1/1+
Vocabulary terms for extended family members

Facebook 1/1+
General information about Facebook social media

Food and Eating: Dinner at Beirut Nights Restaurant 1/1+
A conversation at a Lebanese restaurant between a customer and a waiter

Food and Eating: Recipe for Grilled Salad 1/1+
A typical North African recipe

Letter Planning a Visit to Cairo 1/1+
A letter to a friend describing her three-day visit to Cairo.

Letter to a Friend 1/1+
A letter to a friend from an Arab student living and studying in Syria

Literature: A Story of Joha 1/1+
An Arab folk tale

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