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Modern Standard Arabic - Intermediate

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Literature: One Thousand and One Nights 1/1+
The literary work known as One Thousand and One Nights

Literature: Review of an Arabic Movie 1/1+
A newspaper review of a Lebanese movie that was shown at the Cannes Film Festival: "Now Where Do We Go?"

Natural Beauty in Arab Countries 1/1+
Geography of the Arab World

Parts of the Body II 1/1+
Parts of the body

Pen Friends 1/1+
Online pen friend listings

People: Amr Diab - A Pop Star 1/1+
A brief biography of Amr Diab, a famous Egyptian pop star.

People: Arab Americans 1/1+
A list of famous Americans of Arab origin

People: Fairuz, the Angelic Voice 1/1+
An excerpt from an article on Fairuz, a contemporary Lebanese singer

People: Naguib Mahfouz 1/1+
The life and works of an Arab Nobel Prize laureate

People: On Top of the World 1/1+
The first Arab woman to reach the North Pole

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