Project Management

Dr. Frederick Jackson, Director
Dr. Gerald Lampe, Deputy Director for Arabic
Dr. Jennifer Robinson, Project Coordinator
Christopher Frey, Project Manager
Cristina Baker, Project Facilitator
James Rose, Budget Oversight
Jenny Dang, Budget and Planning
Novy Choi, Budget and Planning

Content Development

Fatima Almutawakel, Subject Matter Expert
Nesrine Basheer, Subject Matter Expert
Christina Harb, Subject Matter Expert
Dr. Mouna Mana, Subject Matter Expert
Shurouq Swaitti, Subject Matter Expert
Dr. Mohammad Taha, Subject Matter Expert

Content Support

Dr. John Robinson, Survey Specialist
Tony Rahi, University of Maryland
Matt Jenkins, English Editor

Technical Support

Bryan Anderson, Director of Art and Media Production
Dan Brown, Multimedia Specialist
Mike Buckhout-White, Multimedia Specialist
Adam Johnston, Multimedia Specialist
Frankie Dintino, Programmer
Tom Ford, Senior Programmer
Anisha Badarinath, Programmer
Pinling Lin, Flash Designer/Programmer
Olubukola Adeoye, Systems Analyst
Amir Mushkat, Software Quality Assurance
Rabia Jalal, Software Quality Assurance

Special thanks and appreciation to Dr. Wafa Hassan of Michigan State University for permission to refer to the unpublished Arabic Language in Flagship (ALIF) course curriculum that she developed.

Thanks, too, to Beth MacRae, Program Officer, International Research and Studies Program, U.S. Department of Education.